Old South Haven Church Drawing by Ann Wiswall


Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Anchored in Christ's Love

Rev. Glorya Johnson, Pastor
Sandra Asselta, Music Director
Rev. Jeanne Baum, Pastor Emeritus


USPS mailing address:  PO Box 203, Brookhaven, NY 11719. (USPS mail should not be posted to the street address.  The post office will not make delivery to the street address.)
  631-286-0542 (This is an unattended telephone.  Individual telephone contact information is provided.)
General Email:  contactus@oldsouthhavenchurch.org    (Email to this address is distributed to several individuals.  Personal communications should be addressed to the individuals listed below.)

  Pastor:  Rev. Glorya Johnson. pastor@oldsouthhavenchurch.org
  Music Director:  Sandra Asselta. music@oldsouthhavenchurch.org
  Clerk: Sean Moran clerk@oldsouthhavenchurch.org
  Treasurer:  Richard A. Thomas treasurer@oldsouthhavenchurch.org
  Financial Secretary:  John Deitz fs@oldsouthhavenchurch.org
  Builds & Grounds:  Ken Asselta bu@oldsouthhavenchurch,org
  Facilities Use: Kappy Tilney fu@oldsouthhavenchurch.org