Old South Haven Church Drawing by Ann Wiswall


Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

"Open Hearts, Open Minds, Anchored in Christ's Love"


We are a Community of Faith with ...

  • This Church Isa Christian, biblical foundation

  • a reformed and reforming theology

  • care and concern for one another

  • social outreach

  • inclusiveness in membership and worship language

  • lay involvement in worship and the life of the congregation

  • education for children and adults

We Are ...

  • a Peace and Justice Church with a history of over 250 years working for human rights and dignity.

  • a Covenant Network congregation, working for a church that is simultaneously faithful, just, and whole.  We seek to support the mission and unity of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in a time of potentially divisive controversy.  We intend to articulate and act on the church's historic, progressive vision and to work for a fully inclusive church.

  • a More Light congregation, seeking the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry and witness of the church.

  • a member congregation of "Honoring All Voices," a group of churches and individuals within the Presbytery of Long Island which have come together to be a voice of inclusiveness and justice within the denomination.

Our commitment is to ...

  • reach out to others with the Word of God, and to invite them into our Christian fellowship

  • plan and participate in worship which celebrates God's concern for us and enriches our concern for one another

  • provide opportunities for our members to get to know and help each other

  • conduct an educational program that helps persons of all ages to increase their knowledge and understanding of faith in Jesus Christ, and its application to contemporary problems

  • expand our involvement with community issues and groups, and to alleviate human suffering in all parts of the world.

Denominational Affiliation ...

Old South Haven Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) within the Presbytery of Long Island.

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