Reed Organ

About 1874, a remodeling of the "the House" interior was undertaken, which included the replacement of the "Amen" pews to the right of the pulpit with a choir box.  At that time a foot-pumped reed organ was purchased.  An older pipe organ that had been installed in the balcony niche beneath the steeple was apparently no longer used, and was then removed by the original donor, Mrs. Mary Floyd Ireland.

This reed organ can be seen (to far right of the choir box) in a circa 1935 interior picture of the church.  When the South Haven Church was "restored" to it's mid-19th century style about 1939 (including the restoration of the "Amen" pews), the reed organ apparently was moved, perhaps to the balcony.  As the South Haven Church became disused during the mid-1950's, the reed organ was loaned for a while to the Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church in Bellport.

By the 1960's the organ had been returned to the congregation and placed in the newly remodeled Post Carriage House parish hall.  By the mid-1970's, it was in disrepair and not playable, and sold at a church auction.  It is now stored in the Darcy Corral Stevens barn in Bellport, NY.

Page revised:  24 Mar 2012