12/24/2016 Christmas Eve Full Service, December 24, 2016   70
07/27/2015Recording and posting of Sermons has been suspended indefinitely.    0
07/26/2015Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "Hearing Our Own Prayers."Psalm 145: 10-18Ephesians 3: 14-21 14

Claudia TaylorWhile Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacation, member Claudia Taylor gave the sermon, titled: “Flowers By Their Nature Bloom.”

Proverbs 3:5-19Luke 12:22-34 21

Brian MullahyWhile Rev. Tom Philipp was on vacation, Elder Brian Mullahy delivered the sermon titled: "Salvation."

Psalm 91Mark 3:7-12 11
05/03/2015The focus of this Sunday's service was "pluralism." Pastor Tom Philip's sermon was titled: "Being A Christian in a World of Many Religions."Micah 6: 6-8John 14: 6-21 22
04/26/2015On this Fourth Sunday of Easter, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "How Do I Know God Loves Me?"John 10: 11-18I John 3: 16-24 20
01/11/2015Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Why Go To Church."Psalm 118: 1-9; 19-29I Peter 2: 1-10 20

On this Sunday when we celebrated the upcoming Feast of the Epiphany (January 6), Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "A Vision Leading to a Venture."

Isaiah 60:1-6Matthew 2: 1-12Ephesians 3: 1-1218
12/28/2014No sermon was recorded due to technical problems.    0

Joy CandleThis Sunday was the Third Sunday of Advent. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Blossoms in the Desert: The Survivor Tree at the World Trade Center," using as his text Isaiah: 1b, "…the desert shall rejoice and blossom."

Isaiah 35: 1-10Luke 1: 46-55 17

Advent Candle PeaceOn this second Sunday of Advent, we lit the peace candle on our advent wreath. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "What Do You Want for Christmas," using as his text Malachi 3:4. His charge to the congregation: "What do you want for Christmas? I trust your want is for the disclosure of the Living Christ, manifested in your life, in the life of your family, in the life of this congregatio, amnd in the life of the larger community as basic needs get met, as signs of peace emerge, as justice overcomes injustice and freedom overcomes tyranny. Yes, come Living Lord, rule in our lives. Amen."

Malachi 3-1-4Luke 3: 1-6 17

Advent Candle HopeOn this First Sunday of Advent, the theme for our worship was "Hope." Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Stand Up and Raise your Heads," using as his text Luke 21: 28.

Jeremiah 33: 14-16Luke 21: 26-35. 18

Christ the King imageOn this Sunday, we celebrated both the national holiday of Thanksgivingy and Christ the King Sunday–the last Sunday of the Christian Church calendar. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Signs."

Matthew 25:14-40I Thessalonians 5: 1-11 16
10/12/2014Special Music: "The Wings that Fly Us Home," words by Joe Henry, music by John Denver, sung today by Matt Taylor. John Denver had a conversation about the human spirit with the cowboy, poet, and author Joe Henry, who, after that conversation, wrote the words of the song.

There are many ways of being in the circle we call life.
A wise man seeks an answer, burns his candle through the night.
Is a jewel just a pebble that found a way to shine?
Is a hero's blood more righteous than a hobo's sip of wine?

I know that love is seeing all the infinite in one.
In the brotherhood of creatures, through the Father, through the Son.
The vision of your goodness will sustain me through the cold.
Take my hand now to remember when you find yourself alone: you are never alone.

For the spirit fills the darkness of the heavens. It fills the endless yearning of the soul.
It lives within a star too far to dream of. It lives within each part and is the whole:
And it's the fire and the wings that fly us home, fly us home, fly us home.


Pastor Tom Philipp was absent this Sunday. Church family member Claudia Taylor delivered the sermon titled: "Seize The Night." Click for Text.

Ecclesiastes 1: 12-18; 2: 1-11Psalm 46 18
10/05/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this World Wide Sunday was titled: "Unity and Diversity: Faith Connects."John 10: 11-16I Corinthians 12: 12-27 15
09/28/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "The Idol of Certainty." His charge to the congregation: "To doubt is not a weakness and certainly not a sin. It is the need and the ability to question the ambiguities of life, thereby affirming our humanity, affirming the ability to, and the need to, let go of certainties that are unable to withstand the real experiences we live. Doubt permits growth and even joy in the muidst of confusion. It calls us to the true meaning of Faith which is Trust.Genesis 3: 121Luke 1: 11-17 18

Today we commemorated "The International Day of Peace/ People's Climate March." Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "A Moral Challenge For Our Day." It was not recorded.

His charge to the congregation – "This we know: the earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth. This we know: all things are connected, like the blood that unites one family. This we know: we did not weave the web of life. We are merely a strand in it. This we know: whatever we do to this web, we do to ourselves. Let us give thanks for the gift of creation. Let us give thanks that all things hold together in Christ."

Job 12: 7-10Colossians 1:15-17  0
09/07/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "Indelible." His charge to the congregation: As we keep our personal calendars and personal schedules, Lord, may we learn to distinguish that which needs to be inscribed indelibly, that which needs to be permanent, held steadfastly, for it indicates not only who we are but whose we are.James 2:14-18Mark 8: 27-35 20
08/31/2014On this Labor Day Weekend, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Reflections on Labor Day 2014." His charge to the congregation: Bless our physical labors. Bless our intellectual pursuits. Bless whatever skills we possess. Bless the commitments we have made. Bless the contributions we have been able to make, thereby fulfilling our calling to be good stewards of all that has been entrusted to us.Exodus 20: 8-11John 6: 22-34 17
08/24/2014Pastor Tom Philipp concluded his summer series "We've A Story To Tell" with a sermon titled "Listening Before Speaking." His charge to the congregation: "Listen! Listen to the stories of those we encounter. Welcome the opportunity to share your owen story. Tell the Biblical story as it speaks to you. Tell the story not only with your lips but in your commitments and in your actions."John 21: 15-25Romans 12: 1-21 16
08/17/2014Pastor Tom continued his series of sermons on "Telling Our Stories." This Sunday: "Telling the Biblical Story: It Speaks to Me."Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16, 32-12:3John 1:1-18 18
08/10/2014Pastor Tom continued his series of sermons on "Telling Our Stories." This Sunday: "Finding A Support Community."Matthew 26: 36-46Colossians 3: 12-17 18
08/03/2014Pastor Tom Philipp continued his series of sermons on the theme: "Telling My Story:" This Sunday's sermon was titled: Saying 'Yes' to The Spirit Within"Job 3: 1-16Philippians 3: 1-16 22
07/27/2014Pastor Tom Philipp recently attended the 50th Anniversary of the National Campus Ministry Association. As a member of the Coordinating Committee for NCMA, he had the assignment of contacting other former campus ministers, asking them to submit t their stories to a team of two others, of their years as campus ministers. This project convinced Rev. Philipp how important it is to share our stories. It has led him to prepare a series of sermons to be delivered over the next several weeks, on the theme of "Telling Our Stories." This week's sermon was titled: "Telling Stories"Psalm 27Luke 7:18-23 16
07/20/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this morning was titled "From Rugged Individualism to Community Building." His charge: "To be a Christian is to be a part of a community. You need that community and the community needs you. Your life is enriched by it, and the community is enriched by your contributions to it. May we acknowledge our oneness even as we acknowledge our diversity."John 14: 1-14I Peter 2:2-10 18
07/13/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this morning was titled: "Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshipping Christ and Start Following Jesus", using as his inspiration the book by Robin M. Myers of the same name.Micah 6: 6-8Matthew 4: 18-25 17
07/06/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: Discard So That You May Receive."Matthew 6: 19-21Hebrews 11: 8-16, 32-12:2 21
06/29/2014This Sunday Pastor Tom Philipp was absent from the pulpit. Elder Alan Stevans delivered the sermon titled: "Tom's Place."Exodus 16: 13-17Matthew 25:34-36 16

Old South Haven Presbyterian Church sponsors an annual peace essay contest at the Bellport High School. This year's winner was Cheyenne Johnson, a junior at the high school. She and her family attended worship this Sunday where she received her prize and read her essay to the congregation. Photographs may be found at  The full text of her essay may be found at

06/22/2014Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon today was titled simply: "Why."Psalm 22:1-11Mark 4:35-41 18
04/20/2014Easter. On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Unfinished Business."I Corinthians 15:1-11Mark 16: 1-8 17
04/18/2014Good Friday Service. It is our tradition to hold the Good Friday Service jointly with the Bellport Methodist Church. This Holy Week the service was conducted at the Old South Haven Presbyterian Church, with a Tenebrae Service. Pastor Yuri Ando of the Bellport Methodist Church was the liturgist. Pastor Tom Philipp of Old South Haven Presbyterian Church preached the sermon: "Those Seven Short Sentences.' This is a recording of the full service.   48
04/12/2014Palm Sunday. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "What the Lord Has Need of, " with the text: "…find a colt tied, on which no one has ever sat, untie it, and bring it."Psalm 118: 1-2, 19-29Mark 11: 1-11 17
04/05/2014Today we had a Celebration for the Life of the Rev Charlotte Nicholas Mangan. This is an audio recording of the full service.I Corinthians 13:4-8Philippians 4:8 84
03/30/2014On this 4th Sunday of Lent, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Do You Really Want To See?"I Samuel 16: 1-13John 9:1-41 17
03/23/2014On this third Sunday of Lent, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “Is The Lord In Our Midst or Not?”Exodus 17: 1-7John 4: 5-26 22
03/02/2014This Sunday was Transfiguration Sunday. Pastor Tom Philipp's text for his sermon was: “…he took with him Peter and John and James, and went up on the mountain to pray.” Luke 9:28Exodus 34: 29-35Luke 9: 28-36 17
02/23/2014This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “The Need To Hear Words of Encouragement”Isaiah 40: 21-31I Corinthians 9: 16-23Mark 1: 29-3917
11/10/2013This Sunday, Elder Jason Neal delivered a sermon titled: "Encampment for Christ."Deuteronomy 1: 9-18Mark 12: 28-34 36
11/03/2013This Sunday's Sermon was titled “Stewardship Commitment.”Psalm 146Mark 12: 38-44 16
10/27/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Reformation Sunday was titled: “Not Locked In The Past”Joel 2: 23-29Luke 18: 9-14 24
10/20/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Prayer: Persistance–Presence."II Timothy 3: 14-4:5Luke 18: 1-8 22
10/13/2013On this Columbus Day weekend, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "What Am I Looking For" –"What Am I Finding" – "And Then What."Psalm 27Luke 11: 9-13 18
10/06/2013PeacemakingThis Sunday was World Communion & Peacemaking Offering Sunday. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: “Peace At All Times in All Ways”.   15
09/29/2013Pastor Tom sermon was titled: “Jeremiah’s Foolish Investment”Jeremiah 32: 1-3a, 6-15Timothy 6: 6-19 17
09/15/2013While Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacation, Claudia Taylor delivered a sermon titled: "Distracted Living."Genesis 1: 26-31Genesis 3: 17-19Ecclesiasties 3: 1-1520
09/08/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was title "God and Play-Doh.Jeremiah 18: 1-11Luke 14: 25-30 15
08/25/2013While Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacation, Elder Linda Majowka delivered the sermon titled: "Mary and Martha (and Tom, Dick, and Harry)"Proverbs 31: 10-31Romans 8: 28-29Luke 10: 38-4217
08/18/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this morning was titled: “Set in Stone.” His charge to the congregation: "Some things are lasting and some things are temporary even if for a long period of time. The challenge for us as Christians is to discern what is, as it were, carved in stone, and what is changed and needs to be changed in light of changing circumstances. Therefore let our prayer be to receive the gift of discernment."Deut.7:6-9Rom. 8: 37-39 16
08/11/2013Elder Brian Mullahy preached, this morning, a sermon titled: "Why Religious Observance."Isaiah 1:1, 10-20Luke 12: 32-40 14
08/04/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's Sermon was titled: “Just Enough," using as his text the "Parable of the Rich Fool" from Luke.Hosea 11: 1-11 Luke 12: 13-21 13
07/28/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "Naming a Son" – the world has been waiting this week for William and Kate to name their son. Poor Hosea heard what the voice of God told him to name his and Gomer’s three children (with English translation): Jezreel (Not-My-People), Lo-ruhamah (Not-Pitied), and Lo-amm (God-Shall-Scatter/God-Shall-Sow).Hosea 1:2-10Luke 11: 1-13 15
07/14/2013Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday was titled: “Accompany Me to the Ocean’s Shore.”Psalm 103Mark 4: 35-41 18
07/07/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: “The Pause That Refreshes." His text was "Jesus and the Woman of Samaria." Psalm 23John 4: 1-15 16
06/30/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: “Half-ing The Distance.” His charge: "Keep us on the road, Lord, with our destination clear. Nurture and sustain us as we travel, that, in our journey through life we might be blessed for traveling faithfully, we pray in the name of the One who has gone before us. Amen."Psalm 119: 1-24Romans 12: 9-21 21
06/23/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: “Gotta Keep Moving."Gen 12:1-8Heb. 11:1-3, 8-10Matt. 8: 18-2016
06/16/2013Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday was titled: "Water as a Human Right." From beginning to end – Genesis to Revelation – water flows through the story of salvation. God’s Spirit breathes upon the waters of creation (Genesis 1). God’s invitation to abundant life is like a freely flowing fountain.(John 4) God’s eternal realm is like a river that flows from the heavenly throne, bringing healing to all nations.(Rev.22) What is the significance of water for life, or the lack of it? What political and economic implications if water is a human right?Genesis 1:1-13John 4: 7-15Revelation 22:1-512
06/02/2013Today was More Light Sunday, when we reflect on inclusiveness within church and society, especially that of gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender people. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled; "Singing a New Song: More Light Sunday 2013." The charge: "As we leave this sanctuary let us acknowledge that there is work that needs to be done to achieve the inclusiveness we affirm as a 'More Light Congregation' in the Church and in Society."Psalm 96Colossians 3: 12-17 15
05/26/2013This Sunday's theme was Presbyterian Heritage Sunday. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "When You Needed a Token to Participate." His charge to the congregation: "On this Heritage Sunday might we renew our commitment to continue the Presbyterian story: acknowledging the richness of the past; open to a vision for the future; and ever concerned for, and open to, 'what is God calling us to be and to do at this particular time and in this particular place,'"Mark 7: 14-23I Corinthians 11: 23-34 16

Pentecost BannerToday was Pentecost. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "… so I send you." The congregational charge: "Yes, Spirit of God, descend upon our hearts, renew us for the tasks to which you have called us, bringing good news to all who need to not only hear it but experience it, like us, may experience life anew. Amen."

Acts 2: 1-21John 20: 19-23 14
05/12/2013Baptism of Cecellia Margaret BurgessOn this seventh Sunday of Easter, we celebrated Mother's Day. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Experiencing ‘In Spite of Love’."
We also celebrated the Baptism of Cecellia Margaret Burgess, daughter of Brian and Jennifer Burgess.
I John 3: 18-24John 10: 11-18 17
05/05/2013On this sixth Sunday of Easter, the theme of our worship was Pluralism. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "The Boston Marathon Tragedy's Challenge to Interfaith Endeavors." His charge to the people: "May we learn to respect the various faith traditions and not let that respect be tarnished by radical and harmful expression of it."
We also celebrated the Communion (the Lords Supper, the Eucharist), as we do on the first Sunday of every month.
Micah 6: 6-8John 14: 6-17 18
04/28/2013On the fifth Sunday of Easter, Paster Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Welcome To My Table." The charge: "May we ever be open to the joy of fellowship when we invite others, those barely known to us, to our tables, and thereby into our lives. In that invitation the receiver is welcomed and appreciated, and the giver is blessed, and together a sense of community is born. May we be thankful when this happens in our individual lives, in the life as a congregation, and in our make-up as a nation. So be it."Revelation 21: 1-6Acts 11: 1-18 21

On the fourth Sunday of Easter, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "The Sheperd Is My Messiah." The charge: "Jesus, the Messiah, avoids the image of a crusading military or political leader. He spoke of himself as a shepard and thos who follow as sheep. Marty Haugen's hymn, "Shepherd Me, O God," based on the 23rd Psalm, speaks of a shepherd that leads us in new directions and into a new life. "Shepherd me, O God, beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life." Jesus, the Good Shepherd, our Messiah, lifts us up out of our selves, giving us the courage to follow His Way, His Truth, His Life.

John 10: 22-23Revelation 7:7:9-17 19

Krist Van NostranAt the meeting of the Long Island Presbytery, Kristi Van Nostran, a Presbyterian Church (USA) Mission Co-Worker addressed the body. Her sermon was titled: "Beach Blanket Breakfast:."

Isaiah 58:1-10John 21:1-19 16

Pastor Tom Philipp welcomes Long Island PresbyteryToday, the Old South Haven Church hosted a meeting of the Long Island Presbytery. The Presbytery is the regional governing body for the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Nasau and Suffolk Counties. The Presbytery consists of ministers and elder commissioners from all of the Presbyterian churches on Long Island.

This message is Pastor Tom Philip's welcome to the body.  Included in the message is a brief history of the church.

04/14/2013On this Third Sunday of Easter, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Back to the Familiar. The Charge: "May we learn to take the risk; to cast the net far and wide, faithful in our discipleship, patient in our fishing as we look forward to the day of the glorious bsanquet, heeding the call of the Risen Christ, to go out into the waters."Acts 9: 1-6John 21: 1-9 22
04/07/2013On this second Sunday of Easter, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: " “Now What?”Acts 5: 27-32John 20:19-31 17
03/31/2013On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: Wonderstruck. The charge: "Now that you have heard the good news, what will you do? — We will go into the world, showing by our lives that Christ is risen indeed!
Praise God! And how will you do this? — We will tell the story of God's love for the world in Jesus Christ, and will continue Christ's loving acts among humanity.
Alleluia! Praise God! Christ is risen indeed!
Acts 10: 34-43Luke 24: 1-12 20
03/29/2013At the good Friday Service, the Old South Haven Church choir sang "Where You There?", arranged by Melva Wilson Coster.   4
03/29/2013The service this Good Friday was held jointly with the Bellport United Methodist Church. The Rev. John E. Brandon, pastor of the Bellport church, was liturgist. Pastor Tom Philipp delivered the sermon, titled: "The Cross: It's Length and Breadth."Isaiah 52: 13-15; Chapter 53Matthew 27;27-54 18
03/24/2013On this Palm Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "When the Hosannas Stop." The charge: "Go forth in celebration. — We will proclaim we know Christ's presence.
Go forth remembering. — We will remember how quickly we change. We reject tomorrow the One whom we embrace today.
Go forth in trust. — We know that God is with us. In Him we trust.
Philippians 2: 5-11Matthew 21: 1-11 23
02/24/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "A Four Dimensional Faith." His charge: In this Lenten Season may you take the time to reflect on the breadth and length, height and depth of your faith and the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge.Psalm 95Ephesians 3: 14-21 18
02/17/2013The sermon this Sunday was titled: "Reflections On Life's Defining Moments." Pastor Tom Philip's charge: As Lent has begun may it be a time to reflect on those moments that define your life. Think of the ones that have been energizing and liberating; those that have given you joy and power and anticipation. Reflect on the degree to which this congregation is living out the devine aims for community. May the Lenten Season be a time for recommitment..Deuteronomy 26: 1-11Luke 4: 1-13 17
02/10/2013The winter nor'easter, sometimes referred to as "Nemo" by commercializing weather stations, prevented morning worship this Sunday.    0
01/13/2013Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: “Baptism Affirmation: You Are Beloved. He used as his text “…a voice came from heaven, 'you are my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased’” Luke 3: 22b. Isaiah 43: 1-7Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22 17
01/06/2013Epiphany Of The Lord. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled “Gifts for the Christ Child."Isaiah 60:1-6Psalm 72: 1-7,10-14Matthew 2: 1-1216

This Sunday's Bulletin CoverOn this Fourth Sunday of Advent, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Receiving." His charge to the congregation: The celebration of Christmas is almost here. Christmas is the acknowledgement that the awaited one has come—Emmanuel: God With Us." May we continue to live and affirm the message that in Him we find the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.

Isaiah 7: 1-15Matthew 1: 18-25 16
12/19/2012Third Sunday of Advent Worship Bulletin CoverThis Sunday was the third Sunday of Advent. Pastor Tom Philipps sermon was titled: "Anticipating." His charge to the congregation: "As we continue on our Advent journey, may our traveling be marked by Expecting, Waiting, Anticipating that we then are prepared for Receiving the One who was born so long ago but seeks to be reborn in our individual lives, in the life of this community of faith, and in the world at large as we make room for Him in the manager of our hearts, the One we proclaim as Lord and Savior, the One we proclaim as The Way, The Truth, The Life. Amen.Micah 5:2-4Luke 1:39-56 15
12/09/2012Second Sunday of Advent Bulletin CoverOn this second Sunday of Advent, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Waiting."Malachi 3: 1-4Luke 3: 1-6 16
12/08/2012Bill ScottThis day we held a service of Celebration for the Life of William E. Scott.

William E. Scott, 63, of Brookhaven, NY passed away Thursday November 1st, 2012. An upstanding citizen, William was known for being a Cub Scout Leader for 29 years, a private pilot at the Bayport Aerodrome and an Elder of the Old South Haven Presbyterian Church. William was also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and enjoyed taking long rides with his son, Richard

Loving husband of Linda Scott. Beloved father of Richard (& Kathleen) Scott and Tammy L. Skelly. Dearest son of William and Helen. Cherished brother of Pam Campbell and Edward Scott.

Psalms 118: 1-5Romans 5: 1-5I Corinthians 13: 4-840
12/04/2012First Sunday of Advent Bulletin CoverOn this first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Expecting." His charge to the congregation: "As you leave this service of worship, be assured that God in Christ Jesus seeks to meet you just as you are and just 3where you are on the path of life's journey with its many hills and deep valleys, its many curves and rough places. Meeting the unique you on the road you have traveled, he desires to accompany you as you continue on that journey seeking the Kingdom for which we pray where peace and righteousness and justice will prevail.Jeremiah 33: 14-16Luke 1: 26-35 16
11/25/2012On this last Sunday of the church year—Christ the King/Reign of Christ—Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Presbyterians and Eschatology. His charge to the congregation:
Praise to you, Lord Jesus:
Dying you destroyed death.
Rising you restored our life.
Lord Jesus, come in glory.
By your spirit, claim our complete loyalty,
establish Christ's rule in every land and in every heart. Amen.
2 Samuel 23: 1-7Revelation 1: 4b-8John 18: 33-3720
11/18/2012On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Our Thanksgiving Table. His charge to the congregation: In this season of Thanksgiving take time to look at the many gifts that are yours: life itself, relationships, the beauty of the world about you; the gifts of literature, music, theatre and art; the gift of traditions; all good gifts that so enrich our lives; gifts that show our dependence upon the gracious God and our dependence upon others.Deuteronomy 26: 1-11John 6: 25-35 19
11/11/2012Technical probems prevented recording the sermon this Sunda.    0
11/04/2012This Sunday was Stewardship Sunday. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titles: "What Does Love Require?" His charge to the congregation: "What does love require? The Prophets answered this succinctly: do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with our God. May our stewardship of our financial means, our use of time, the use of our skills, talents, and commitments be a response to God's love, offered in joy, even as our giving blesses others so too we are blessed. Amen."Micah 6:6-8Mark 12:28-34 17
10/28/2012The theme for this Sunday was the Protestant Reformation. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "The Failed Reformation." His charge: "As we go from this sanctuary we once again affirm the great principle of the Reformation: Ecclesia Reformate sed Sember reformanda (The Church Reformed but always to be reformed). We commit ourselves to the continual transformation as we seek to be faithful to the Word of God and the call of the Spirit.Mark 10: 46-52Hebrews 7: 23-28 19

Alan Stevens delivering sermonThe sermon this morning, delivered by Elder Alan Stevens, was titled: "Deceived." His charge to the congregation: "As our Lord would have us, we ask for the grace to turn the cheek, to love our enemies, to see the world, if it be God's will, through rose-colored glasses."

Genesis 29: 16-23, 25-28, 30. The story of Jacob's love for Rachael, and Laban's deception.Matthew 5: 38-44 15
10/14/2012Pastor Tom's sermon this morning was titled "The powers Beyond Us." His charge to the congregation: "Go from this place assured that though we struggle with powers beyond us each and every day, we know a greater power that sustains us; a power that provides a firm foundation that can and does withstand the storms of life. We rejoice in the promise that is ours: 'The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose, I will not, I will not desert to its foes. The soul, through all hell should endeavor to shake, I'll never, no never, no never forsake.'"Genesis 3: 8-19Ephesians 6: 10-20 19

This Sunday we celebrated "World Communion Sunday" and received the Presbyterian "Peacemaking Offering."  Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled:  "A Puzzle Needs All Its Pieces."

John 10: 11-16I Corinthians 12: 12-27 19
09/30/2012Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this morning was titled: "The Best Story You've Never Heard."Esther 7:1-6, 9-10; 9: 38-50Mark 9:38-50Psalms 12417
09/23/2012Pastor Tom Philipps sermon this morning was titled: "Head and Heart." His charge: "As you leave this time of worship remember again those ancient words from the Book of Proverbs: 'Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and, with all your getting, get understanding. Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.'"Mark 9: 30-37James 3: 13-18 18
09/16/2012This Sunday's serman was titled: "Power of the Tongue." Pastor Tom Philipp's charge: "In the words of the hymn we have just sung, "Take My Life," may our prayer be as we leave this place: 'Take our lips, O Lord, and let them be filled with messages from Thee, filled with messages from Thee.' Yes, Lord may our words together with our actions be 'gospel,' be 'good news.'"Mark 8:27-38James 3: 1-12 20
09/09/2012This Sunday Pastor Tom Philipp;s sermon was titled: "Upsetting of the Scales of Justice." His charge: "May we always respect the uniqueness of every individual and may we allow eaqch individual the opportunity to be all that he or she is capable of being. May each individual feel a part of the larger community and respect the rights and privileges of that belonging."Exodus 16: 2-15Matthew 20: 1-16 20

While Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacation this Sunday, the sermon was delivered by Deacon Kevin Barry: "Faith and Friendship in the Future; for What It's Worth." 

A major part of his talk concerned his experiences as a brony —fans of the TV series "My Little Pony,"  typically males from 18 to 35.

Hebrews 13: 1-51 Peter 1: 17-21 19
08/19/2012While Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacation, the sermon this Sunday was delivered by Elder Linda Majowka: "Hot Air Balloons, and Jonah and the Whale.Jonah 1-2:2; 10:3-5; 10:10Matthew 12:39-41 17
08/12/2012This Sunday, while Pastor Tom was on vacation, Elder Brian Mullahy delivered the sermon titled: "The Work of Justice." The charge was: "Be watchful, stZAnd firm in your faith, be courageous and strong. Let all that you do be done in love."Psalm 43Matthew 7:1-5 15

Our Faith produces Song.  Integral to our worship is the singing of hymns of praise, of comfort, of God's steadfastness, of God's everlasting love.  This Sunday is the fifth and final sermon of a series of five Sundays where we focused on hymns that have been popular for decades. The sermons present both the background to the writing of each hymn and its message.

This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was on Thomas Obediah Chisholm's 1923 hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

The charge: "We are not promised a life with no dark shadows, no clouds of doubt and despair, yes even death.  Yet God promises to be there with us.  Great is God's faithfulness.  We can rest, assured, in that faithfulness.  Therefore our hearts are full of gratitude and thanksgiving, and we can continue to travel life's pilgrimage."

Lamentations 3: 19-33I Corinthians 1: 4-9 22

Our Faith produces Song.  Integral to our worship is the singing of hymns of praise, of comfort, of God's steadfastness, of God's everlasting love. This Sunday is the fourth of a series of five Sundays where we focused on hymns that have been popular for decades. The sermons present both the background to the writing of each hymn and its message.

This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was on the Rev. John Newton's popular hymn, "Amazing Grace."

The charge: "Through many dangers, toils and snares, we have already come; 'Tis grace has brought us safe thus far, and grace will lead us home.  Amen."

John 9: 13-41Mark 5: 18-20 23

Our Faith produces Song.  Integral to our worship is the singing of hymns of praise, of comfort, of God's steadfastness, of God's everlasting love. This Sunday is the third of a series of five Sundays where we focused on hymns that have been popular for decades. The sermons present both the background to the writing of each hymn and its message.

This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was on Martin Luther's great Reformation hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."

The charge:  "May we leave this place acknowledging with the great Reformers that God is sovereign over all nations, sovereign over all denominations, church traditions and church divisions; sovereign over our individual lives and our life together.  May we be faithful as we live the truth, make manifest the gifts of the spirit, and abide forever within God's care as we have entered that Kingdom which is forever."

Psalm 46John 14: 1-14 25

Our Faith produces Song.  Integral to our worship is the singing of hymns of praise, of comfort, of God's steadfastness, of God's everlasting love. This Sunday is the second of a series of five Sundays where we focused on hymns that have been popular for decades. The sermons present both the background to the writing of each hymn and its message.

This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was on on the hymn "In The Garden."

The charge: "Draw us to the Garden, O Lord, wherever that Garden might exist for us.  Draw us to the Garden, O Lord, that we might experience again, and again, and again, your Presence, like the morning's fresh dew.  Amen"

Genesis 2: 15-17; 3:8-13John 20: 1-18 21

Our Faith produces Song. Integral to our worship is the singing of hymns of praise, of comfort, of God's steadfastness, of God's everlasting love. For the following five Sundays we focused on hymns that have been popular for decades. The sermons presented both the background to the writing of each hymn and its message.

This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was on on the hymn "How Great Thou Art."

The charge: "As we leave this time of worship may the experience of Boberg and Hine prompt something within you. That beyond any storms in your life—physical storms, or spiritual storms—there might also be the serenity that comes when the storm has passed, and let that message well up within you: 'Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee. How Great Thou Art, How Great Thou Art.'"

Exodus 15: 1-8Revelation 15: 1-4 22
07/01/2012Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday was titled: "All the Way." His charge: "May this be your blessing: 'This is my song through endless ages: Jesus led me all the way. This is my song through endless age age: Jesus led me all the way. ' Amen"Luke 14: 25-33II Corinthians 8: 1-12 16
06/24/2012Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled "If You Can't Get Out Of It, Get Into It." His charge to the congregation: "We acknowledge that life is full of new challenges demanding, above all else, Trust: trust in ourselves, trust in those who walk life's road with us, and trust in the God who promises, 'Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end.' So let us face those challenges with enthusiasm, dedication, and perserverance. Amen."Matthew 6: 25-44Hebrews 11:1, 8-12, 32-12:2 19

Pastor Tom Philipp and his nieces Elizabeth Philipp and Rachel VioneThis Sunday, Old South Haven Presbyterian Church celebrated with Pastor Tom Philipp the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the ministry. Instead of just posting his sermon–our usually practice–this audio file is of the complete worship service. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Different Times, Different Places: An Enduring Message." Assisting in the service were Tom's nieces Rachael Vione and Elizabeth Philipp. The choir sang "Wings Of The Dawn" (Linda Spencer) which was sung at his ordination service. Daryl Jordan, accompanied by Peggy Angus, sang "Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi (Olive Dungan), which was also sung at his ordination. Rachael Vione asked the constitutional questions at his renewal of his ordination vows.

John 15: 16-17II Corinthians 4 68
06/10/2012Paster Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Human Reconciliation: A Lesson from Cordoba, Spain." He expanded on themes presented in the winning 2012 Peacemaking Essay contest winner, Bryon Suarez. His charge: "As you leave this sanctuary may you leave in peace: peace with yourself and peace with others. May we learn from individuals such as Phyllis Rodriguez and Rais Bhuiyan, who, in the words of our essay winner Byron Suarez, "Bring us great hope for the future" so that we too "dream of a world in peace, coexisting with each other without problems."Matthew 5: 21-24I Corinthians 13: 1-13 16
06/10/2012 Bryan Suarez read his peacemaking essayThe Old South Haven Church sponsors an annual Peacemaking essay competition at the Bellport high school. The winner is awarded a cash prize from the church's Peacemaking Fund. This year's winner was Byron Sureze, a sophomore at the school. He read his essay at this morning's worship service.   6
06/03/2012Old South Haven Church celebrated "More Light" Sunday, affirming the full inclusiveness of gay, lesbian and trangender folk in the life of the church and society. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Standing On The Side Of Love." This Sunday's charge: "As we leave this sanctuary let us acknowledge that there is work that needs to be done to achieve the inclusiveness we affirm as a More Light Congregation in the Church and in Society."John 3: 16-21Romans 5: 1-5 21
05/27/2012This Sunday was both Pentecost Sunday and Memorial Day weekend (U.S.). Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Beginnings." Today's charge: "May the strong Wind of the Spirit blow upon us individually and as a Church. May it be the wind in our sails that we may navigate the waters on life's sea. May it be the second wind we need when we are exhausted and yet need to continue to run the course set before us. On this Pentecost Sunday, may we experience the Wind of the Spirit."John 15: 26-27; 16:4-15Acts 2: 1-21 15
05/20/2012On this 7th Sunday of Easter, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Highlights pf Presbyterians in America, Starting with Southampton in 1640." His charge:" On this Heritage Sunday might we renew our commitment to continue thePresbyterian story: acknowledging the richness of the past; open to a vision for the future; and ever concerned for, and open to, "what is God Calling us to be and to do at this particular time and in this particular place."John 17: 1-5, 11-23I Corinthians 12: 12-30 19
05/13/2012On this 6th Sunday of Easter and Mother's Day (United States), Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Mother's Work." His Charge: "May you leave this place thankful for the contributions of Mothers in the home, in the workplace, and in the community, using their talents and their commitments to meet needs in all places. May they be sustained by their families, colleagues, and God's presence and blessing in all their endeavors."John 15: 9-17I John 5:1-6 16
05/06/2012Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "Pruning the Branches." As workers in your vineyard, O God, keep us at the task of pruning and removing that which is dead and suffocates the new from growing, blossoming, and bearing fruit. May we accept that as a mandate for our individual lives and for this Community of Faith. Amen.Acts 8: 26-40John 15: 1-8 20
04/29/2012Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this 4th Sunday of Easter was titled "Love In Action…Show Me" (with thanks to Alan Jay Lerner's "My Fair Lady".) May our words constitute actions, that that which we believe in our heart, and profess with our lips, be accomplished. You have called us, in our love for you, to feed and tend your sheep. Might we be faithful in that task, following the example of the Good Shepherd who showed us the Way and the Truth and theLife.John 10:11-18I John 3: 16-24 19
04/22/2012Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this third Sundayof Easter was titled "His Hands and His Feet." As you go forward from this place may your prayer be: God, Bless my hands so they might be used in a ministry of teaching, feeding, healing. Bless my feet, that they may take me into new roads of service and opportunity. May hands and feet continue the ministry of our Lord. Amen.I John 3:1-7Luke 24:36b-48 20
04/15/2012On this second Sunday of Easter, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Gossip or Gospel Truth."John 20:19-31I John 1:1-4 23
04/08/2012On this Easter Sunday Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "He has been set loose in the world." Trumpeter Joseph Porcelli open the service with the "Hummel Trumpet Concerto" by Johann Nepomuk.Mark 16:1-8I Corinthians 15:1-11 20
04/01/2012On this Palm Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon title was "The Point of No Return."Isaiah 50:4-9aMark 11:1-11 23
03/25/2012On this fifth Sunday of Lent, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "The-Not-So-Simple Gospel." Christ calls us to pick up the burdon of all that separates us from one another and from the Eternal God. We are entrusted with the message of reconcilliation which is our mission and needs to shape our ministry. May we be faithful to the task which we have been called, ever looking to Jesus Christ in whom we find theWay and the Truth and the Life.Jeremiah 31:31-34John 12:20-33 22
03/11/2012Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "The Anger of Jesus:Exodus 29:1-17John 2:13-22 19
02/05/2012KC and Reconciliation:  On Sunday, February 5, 2011, Alan Stevens delivered a sermon on reconciliation while Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacation.  Since recording equipment was not available, the text of the sermon is posted here.Genesis 45:1-152 Corinthians 5:16-21  0
11/13/2011Plastor Tom Philipp's sermon this Sunday was titled: "I Do, And With God's Help, I Will."II Thessalonians 2:13-3:5Matthew 6:19-34 16
11/06/2011On this Stewardship Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Stewardship: A Tale of Two Tables."Psalm 92Mark 14:12-16, 22-25 16
09/11/2011On this memorial day for the 9/11/2001 terrorists attacks, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Let Light Shine Out of Darkness." The charge this Sunday: "In God's providence you were created and preserved unto this day for purposes unafraid. Let memory now reside in you at peace. Let comfort companion you in all your days. Let hope spring forth in you by the power of the Holy Spirit. May you serve God in all that you do and say, witnessing to the reign and realm of God to come. Amen" (Rev Eileen Lindner)II Corinthians 4: 1, 5-10.  20
08/21/2011This week Pastor Tom Philipp finished his three-part series of sermons on Celtic spirituality and Christianity: "The Power of Imagination."
Three folds of the cloth, yet only one napkin is there; Three joints of the finger, but still only one finger fair; Three leaves of the shamrock, yet no more than one shamrock to wear; Frost, snowflakes and ice, all in water their origin share; Three Persons in God: to one God alone we make prayer.
The Poem Book of the Gael.
Genesis 28:10-17Revelation 4 21
08/14/2011Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon this week continued his series on Celtic Christianity, titled: "The Goodness of Nature." From the Celtic "Carmina Gadelica"—There is no plant in the ground; But is full of His virtue. There is no form in the strand; But is full of His blessing. There is no life in the sea; There is no creature in the river; There is naught in the firmament; But proclaims His goodness. The is no bird on the wing; There is no star in the sky; There is nothing beneath the sun; But proclaims His goodness.Psalm 8Acts 17:22-31 21
08/07/2011This Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled "God's Presence and Protection," the first of a series of three sermons on the contribution of Celtic Christianity.Deuteronomy 32: 1-14, 43-47Ephesians 6: 10-20 18
07/31/2011Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon today was titled: "Precious Moments That Enhance The Present." We acknowledge that our lives have been enriched by those we have encountered on our journey through life. Let us be thankful for good times spent together rven as we remember also the struggles and the tears. Both enrich the fabric of togetherness. Let us be thankful for those precious memories that when they are recalled seem to be lived all over again and we are able to offer a prayer of gratitude for what has been, what is, and what will be.Philippians 1: 3-11; 2: 1-5  0
07/31/2011This Sunday we welcomed Sean Burke, our 2011 Peacemaking Essay winner, and his family. Sean is a 2011 graduate of Bellport High School, and will be attending Temple University, majoring in music education. He has a wide musical background, including piano solos, Jazz Band and trumpet. He has performed with Bellport Playcrafters and is the recipient of their Margaret W. Smith scholarhip.   3
07/24/2011Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "A Pessimistic Optimist." Christians are called to a life of hope. It is a hope based on our trust in God and God's love. History is not simply a cycle or treadmill. We constantly witness new forces introduced into history and living becomes an adventure with a goal. We stand within the optimism of Reinhold Niebuhr for we are given the freedom to move beyond supposed limits and accomplish greater things than even those of our dreams. There are always possibilities beyond tragedy. We would not be blind, however, to both sin and shortcomings. Nonetheless hope dwells deep within us and is a mandate for our living.Exodus 17:1-7Revelation 21:1-5a 20
07/10/2011The congregation celebrated 'More Light Sunday." Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "The Significance of NYS's Marriage Equality Law for the Religious Communities." We, members of a More Light congregation rejoice in the positive steps that have been taken by both our denominastion and other church bodies, and positive steps taken by New York State and several other states, to achieve inclusiveness in our laws, even as we acknowledge there is work to be done to affirm this in our attitudes and in our actions until we can truly sing: "Bless be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love. Keep us faithful to the task.Romans 5: 1-5John 16: 12-15 17
07/03/2011On this Independence Day weekend and Holy Communion Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "A Christian Nation!..?" "Tomorrow we once again celebrate Independence Day. May it also be a Dependence Day, acknowledging our dependence on one another and dependence on God who will not rest until all people live together in the kind of community represented by the loaf and the cup."Psalm 33I Peter 2: 9-11 18
06/26/2011Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday was titled: "A Course Uncharted."Genesis 28: 10-17Hebrews 11:13-16, 39-12:2 18
06/19/2011Pastor Tom Philipp, returning from his trip to Brazil and Peru, talked on "This Christian's Appreciation of Inca Culture."Micah 6: 6-8Acts 17:22-34 29
06/12/2011Pentacost; Elder Linda Majowka delivered the sermon while Pastor Tom Philipp continued his vacation.I Corinthians 12:4-13Acts 2: 1-13John 14: 15-2617
06/05/2011Totay, while Pastor Tom Philip was on vacation, Claudia Taylor delivered the sermon: Living into Hope."John 14:11-16Ephesians 4:1-6Matthew 5:21-2521
05/29/2011Today, while Pastor Tom Phillip was on vacation, Elder Brian Mullahy delivered the sermon titled: "The Heart of the Matter."Psalm 37:3-62 Corinthians 4:16-18Hebrews 11:1-318
05/22/2011Pastor Tom Philipp sermon was title: "Experiencing God and Jesus in Places Other Than Church," based on the writings of Barbara Brown Taylor. The Spring congregational book read will be her book "An Altar in the World."Psalm 19John 4:19-26 18
05/15/2011The service this Sunday recognized the 400th Anniversary of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. Each of the parts of our worship were scripture passages, using the King James Version. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “KJV @ 400” (Recording not available).John 5: 37-47 KJVII Timothy 3: 14-17 KJV  0
05/08/2011Mothers Day. Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon: “Families: Strong, Yet Fragile”Luke 18: 15-17Ephesians 6:1-4 17
04/24/2011Easter. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “He Is Not HereMatthew 28: 1-10Acts 10: 34-43 Archived20
04/24/2011For this Easter celebration the choir sang: "Easter Celebration" by Craig Courtney accompanied by Joe Porcelli on the trumpet. The congregation joined at the end in the first three verses of Charles Wesley's great hymn, "Christ the Lord has Risen Today" (#113 in the Presbyterian Hymnal.   Archived6
04/17/2011Palm Sunday. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “Who Is This Man?”Matthew 21: 1-11Philippians 2: 5-1 Archived20
04/10/2011Fifth Sunday of Lent. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “Resuscitation or Resurrection?”Ezek. 37:1-14Rom. 8:6-11John 11: 1 -45Archived19
03/27/2011Third Sunday of Lent. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “Is The Lord In Our Midst Or Not?”Exodus 17: 1-7John 4: 5-26 Archived20
03/06/2011Transfigurtion of Our Lord. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “Jesus, The Law, and the ProphetsExodus 24: 12-18Matthew 17: 1-9 Archived14
02/27/2011Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: “Steady At The Wheel.”Micah 6:1-8Matt. 5:1-2I Corinthians 1: 26-31Archived16
02/20/2011A technical problem prevented the recording of Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday, given on the occasion of his 75th birthday, titled: “Ripe Ol’ Age.”Psalm 92John 15: 1-1 Archived0
02/13/2011This was Pastor Tom's first sermon following his surgery. He titled it “Straining Forward." It was given in the context of the annual meeting of the congregation and corporation, which followed the worchip service.Isaiah 43: 16-21Philippians 3: 7-1 Archived18
02/06/2011Elder Lynda Scott delivered the sermon as Pastor Tom Philipp continued his recuperation. It was titled: "We Walk by Faith and not By Sight."Psalm 46: 1-7Romans 3: 21-30Hebrews 11: 1-3Archived14
01/30/2011This Sunday, while Pastor Tom Philipp continues his recuperation from his operation, Claudia Taylor, Tom's neibor and friend of the congregation, delivered the message: "It is well With My Soul."Psalm 42Psalm 139:1-14; 23-24 Archived16
01/23/2011There was no sermon this Sunday, due to Pastor Tom's illness. Instead the congregation held an old fashioned hymn sing.   Archived0
01/16/2011Pastor Tom was taken ill shortly before the worship service this Sunday. Elder Alan Stevens instead read his sermon: “Our Jobs and Our Common Calling”Isaiah 49: 1-7John 1:29-42 Archived16
01/09/2011Pastor Tom Philipp's Sermon this Sunday was titled: "I Know I'm Beloved."Isiah 42: 1-9Matthew 3: 13-17 Archived18
01/02/2011Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon today was titled: "Chronos and Kairos"Galatians 4: 4-7Luke 2: 22-40 Archived20
12/26/2010Pastor Tom Philip's sermon this Sunday after Christmas was titled: "The Morning After."Isaiah 61:10-62:3Luke 2:22-40 Archived19
12/19/2010On this Fourth Sunday of Advent, Pastor Tom concluded is series based on the music of Handel's Messiah: "Call His Name Emmanuel—God with Us"Isaiah 7: 14-18; 9:6-7Matthew 1:18-23 Archived16
12/12/2010Third Sunday in Advent
Pastor Tom's sermon for this third Sunday of advent continued on themes found in Handel's Messiah. "The Glory of the Lord Revealed."
Text: "And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it."
Isaiah 40:5; 42:8-13Luke 2:8-14 Archived16
12/05/2010Second Sunday in Advent
Pastor Tom's sermon for this second Sunday in Advent continued on themes found in Handel's Messiah: "Every Valley Shall Be Exalted."
Isaiah 40:1-8Luke 3:1-18 Archived20
11/28/2010First Sunday of Advent.
During Advent, Pastor Tom will be preaching on various themes found in Handel's "Messiah" This Sunday's the text was from the opening lyrics: "Comfort, Comfort You My People."
Isaiah 40:1-8Mark 1:1-8 Archived18
11/21/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "My Cup Overflows"Psalm 23II Corinthians 9:6-15 Archived16
11/14/2010In Pastor Tom's absence, Elder Linda Majowka delivered a sermon “Are You a Martha? Are You a Mary?” Luke 10: 38-42  Archived13
11/07/2010The choir sang as their anthem this Sunday "We Come Together Here," music by James M. Stevena dn words by J. Paul Williams; 1996.   Archived4
11/07/2010Pator Tom's sermon this Stewardship Sunday was titled: "Entrusted To Us," using as his text: "O. Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you."Matthew 14:14-21I Timothy 6:6-10, 17-21 Archived15
10/31/2010Gremlins again prevented the recording of the sermon, this Sunday prepared and delivered by Elder Linda Scott while Pastor Tom was away.   Archived0
10/24/2010While a technical difficulty prevented recording the sermon, the Old South Haven Church choir sang Tallis Canon   Archived2
10/17/2010Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday was titled: “Engraved On The Heart”Jeremiah. 31: 27-34II Tim. 3:14-4:5 Archived16
10/10/2010Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday continued to examine the writings of the Prophet Jeremiah: "Living in the Land of the Unfamiliar" — we are called to the life of a nomadic people. Our God is to be ever going before us into the new and unfamiliar. Let us not be so rooted in the past that we cannot be replanted in the present. We rely on God's promise of being forever with us as we continue on life's journey.Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7II Timothy 2:8-15 Archived25
10/03/2010Sermon not recorded   Archived0
09/26/2010Pastor Tom's Sermon continues using text from the prophet Jeremiah and the example of NYC's Ground 0: "Filling The Hole in The City's Heart."Jeremiah 32: 1-15I Timothy 6: 6-19 Archived20
09/19/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "The Anguish of The Prophet"Jeremiah 8: 18 - 9:1Timothy 2: 1-7 Archived19
09/12/2010Not Available   Archived0
09/05/2010Not available   Archived0
08/29/2010Elder Alan Stevens preached. The title of his sermon was: "Arranged Marriage."Deut. 24:5Romans 6: 15-23 Archived16
08/15/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: Sermon: "From 'Eithers' to 'Neithers'"John 8:31-59Galatians 3:23-29 Archived20
08/08/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "A Step in the Right DirectionPsalm 119: 89-112Luke 5: 17-26 Archived21
08/01/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: Sermon: "The Roadblock of Regret"Genesis 42: 1-38Luke 12: 35-48 Archived0
07/25/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was the third in his series: "Being Spiritual: 3. Affirming The Old In The New." Some in the congregation called this sermon "the old cemeteries" sermon.Psalm 137: 1-6Romans 8: 18-25, 31-39 Archived20
07/18/2010Pastor Tom's sermon this Sunday was the second in his series: "Being Spiritual: 2.Mysteries or Problems"Psalm 8Ephesians 6: 10-20 Archived19
07/11/2010Pastor Tom's sermon the morning was ther first in a series: "Being Spiritual 1. Responding to Life."I Samuel 12: 19-25Romans 8: 15b-27 Archived21
07/04/2010Pastor Tom's sermon on the Independence Day was titled: A Contract With America."Hebrews 11:1, 8-10, 13-16; 12:1-2Matthew 25:34-40 Archived16
06/13/2010 This Sunday, we welcomed Taylor Drenzyk, our 2010 Peacemaking Essay Winner, and his family. Taylor is a junior at Bellport High School and attends Grace Lutheran Church in Mastic Beach. In July 2009 he went on a youth Mission Trip sponsored by his church on the Eastern Shore, Virginia, "for an action-packed week of service to the community." In 2006, while still in the Bellport Middle school, he won first in Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest. Click on picture for link to presentation: LR Pastor Tom Philipp, Taylor Drenzyk, Elder Linda Best, chairperson.   Archived5
06/13/2010This Sunday's Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Lines Drawn and Common Ground." It used as its principal text today's lectionary reading from the old testament.1 Kings 21:1-20Luke 7:36-8:3 Archived18
06/06/2010Old South Haven Church Celebrated "More Light Sunday" —celebrating the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Believe Out Loud." Old South Haven became a More Light congregation 30 years ago by vote of Session on July 10, 1980.Galatians 1: 11-24John 7: 11-17 Archived19
05/30/2010This Sunday was a celebration of Memorial Day and Presbyterian Heritage Sunday. Pastor Tom's Sermon was titled: "Remembering Names"Isaiah 49: 8-16I Cor. 3; 5-9 Archived18
05/23/2010On the Day of Pentecost, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Blow! O Wind!"John 14: 8--14; 25-27Acts 2: 1-8 Archived21
05/16/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Singing in Your Prison" using the text: "...they cast them into prison...and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God, and the prisoners heard them." Acts: 16: 23-25Psalm 96Acts16: 16-34 Archived21
05/09/2010Pastor Tom's Sermon on this Mother's Day: "Mother: A Staring Role." (The story from Acts focuses on Lydia, described as a seller of purple cloth. She became an important indivdiual in the development of the Church)John 14: 23-29Acts 16: 9-15 Archived18
05/02/2010Pastor Tom's Sermon: "Welcome to my table!"Acts 11: 1-18Revelation 21:1-6 Archived21
04/25/2010Pastor Tom's Sermon: "The Shepherd is My Messiah"John 10: 22-30Rev. 7: 9-17 Archived21
04/18/2010Past Tom's Sermon: "Then A Light Flashed"John 21:1-19Acts 9:1-20 Archived25
04/11/2010Pastor Tom's Sermon: "Let's Do It Again!"Acts 5:27-32John 20: 19-31 Archived19
04/04/2010On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Alive!!....For You?"Acts 10:34-43Luke 24:1-12 Archived16
03/28/2010On this Palm Sunday, Pastor Philipp's sermon was titled: "A Parade? A Protest?"Isaiah 50:4-19Luke 19:29-41 Archived16
03/14/2010The sermon this morning was delivered by Elder Alan Stevens, titled "Creeds and the Chorus."Job 11: 4-9Matthew 5: 2-11 Archived14
03/07/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "The Parable of the Fig Tree: Give it Another Year"Isaiah 55:1-13Luke 13:1-9 Archived20
02/28/2010Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled: "Consistent Commitment"Philippians 3: 17 - 4: 1Luke 13: 31-35 Archived22
02/14/2010Pastor Tom's sermon this Transfiguration Sunday was titled "Bug on a Rug."Luke 9:28-36Ephesians 2:12-22 Archived27
02/07/2010Pastor Tome's sermon was titled: "Are You Ready for Presbymergent?" in which he discussed some emerging trends in the church in the 21st century. Our closing prayer was: "We live in anb ever changing world. This morning we have acknowledged those changes in forms of communication, some of which are beyond our understanding and beyond our personal use. Grant that whatever is the form in which the Word is presented, may it reveal the Word incarnate in Jesus Christ, the Word that affirms us on our individual spiritual journeys, opens us to seeing new things and old things in a new way, the Word that calls us to ministries of compassion and justice. Amen."Isaiah 43:15-28Matthew 9:9-17 Archived17
01/31/2010Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "The Silence of God"Psalm 28Luke 24: 13-35 Archived27
01/10/2010Pastor Tom was on vacation. Elder Linda Majowka delivered the sermon: "Epiphany," one week late.Isaiah 60:1-6Ephesians 3: 1-6Matthew 2:1-12Archived13

On this Sunday Pastor Tom's serman originally scheduled for the fourth Sunday of Advent was delivered, titled: "Truth."

John 18: 33-38 I John 3: 1-24 Archived21
12/27/2009Sermon: "In the After-Glow of ChristmasEcclesiastes 3: 1-9, 14-17Matthew 2 13-15; 19-23 Archived20
12/20/2009A snowstorm Sunday morning resulted in a snowfall of over two feet Sunday morning, and the service was cancelled.   Archived0

On this third Sunday of Advent Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Grace."

Psalm 40:1-11, 16-17John 1: 14-18 Archived21

On this second Sunday of Advent Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Life."

Genesis 2: 8-9; 3:1-7John 10: 7-10 Archived21

On this first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new church year, Pastor Tom sermon was titled: "Word."

Psalm 119:9-16, 97-105, 129-136John 1:1-18 Archived20
11/22/2009Pastor Tom's Thanksgiving Sunday sermon was titled "Saying 'Thank You' and Saying it Now"Psalm 107I Thessalonians 1:1-9, 3:6-10 Archived22
11/15/2009Pastor Tom's sermon title was "Unfinished Business."Hebrews 10: 11-25Mark 13: 1-8 Archived20
11/08/2009Technical difficulties prevented the recording of sermons between September 27 and November 8, 2009.   Archived0
09/20/2009Sermon title: "Head and Heart"James 3:13-18Mark 9:30-37 Archived21
09/13/2009Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "Taming the Tongue." The lectionary readings throughout September are from James and Mark. The Letter of James deals with very practical matters centered in the way we act. (Faith without works is dead.) Have you given thought to how our tongue gives us away? James tells us how hard it is to bridle our tongue!James 3: 1-12Mark 8:27-38 Archived21
08/30/2009Pastor Tom sermon was titled "In For The Long Haul"PhilemonLuke 14:24-33 Archived20
08/23/2009Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood ??" The text was: "Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them." This verse, and similiar ones that precede in John 6, with its various interpretations has divided Christians through the centuries and remains a controversy that divides Christians when they participate in Holy Communion today. It led the 'nonbelievers' of the First Century to charge Christian with canibalism. Pastor Tom reflects on this from both a Reformed Theology and a Progressive Christianity stance. (Be warned ahead of time, his comments will not settle the controversy!!!)Ephesians 6:10-20John 6: 56-69 Archived20
08/15/2009Elder Alan Stevens delivered the sermon: "Morning Excercises."I Corinthians 9:24-27Matthew 10:5-14 Archived14
08/09/2009Sermon: "Ziggy's Game of Life" (a word from the comic strip character: the game of Risk vs. Trivial Pursuit)Gen 29:15-28Matt. 13:31-33; 44-52 Archived21
08/02/2009The fourth sermon in the "Pedestrian Theology" series: "Walking in Behalf Of"Micah 6:2-16Luke 4:16-30 Archived15
07/26/2009The third sermon in the "Pedestrian Theology" series: "Walking Off the Beaten Path or 'The Pathless Way'"Genesis 12:1-4Hebrews 11: 8-10John 4:1-3Archived24
07/12/2009Pastor Tom comments: "I did a horrible thing the other day. I got on a bathroom scale. I was sure that the number that appeared could not be correct. I tried again with the same result. The lesson is clear: exercise. My doctor has been telling me, "Get out there and do some walking. Walking is good for you." As a minister I had to theologize about that comment, and this is leading to a series of four sermons I plan to give which I am calling "Pedestrian Theology."

This Sunday, the first in the series: "Walking The Journey Of Faith"

Proverbs 4:1-27Matthew 4: 18-25 Archived24
07/05/2009"Proclaim Liberty." It is the Independence Day Weekend and a time to reflect on the meaning of this celebration for Christians and the Nation in this year, 2009.Zechariah 9:9-12Luke 4:16-21Leviticus 25:10Archived18
06/21/2009Sermon: "Awe and Trust." Pastor Tom used as his text the story from Mark of Jesus stilling the storm on the Sea of Galilee.Mark 4: 35-41 2 Cor. 6:1-13 Archived0
06/07/2009Once again we joined with other "More Light" Presbyterian congregations "to recognize and celebrate the presence and gifts of lebian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and their families." Pastor Tom's Sermon: "A Place in God's Heart...A Place at Christ's Table"I Corinthians 12: 12-31John 3:1-2 Archived0
05/24/2009Presbyterian Heritage Sunday: Celebration of the 500th Birthday of John Calvin. Sermon: "John Calvin Comes to Visit Old South Haven Presbyterian." There's more to John than TULIP.Psalm 15Romans 8:28-39 Archived0
05/17/2009Pastor Tom Philipp was not in the pulpit. Elder Linda Scott delivered a sermon titled "Seasons."   Archived0
05/10/2009Pastor Tom's sermon for Mothers Day was titlerd (not surprisedly): "A Mother,s Place"John 13:31-35Revelation 21: 1-6 Archived0
02/08/2009Sermon: 'Breathe In and Breathe Out" Sometimes it not a bad idea to take a deep breath and then let it out slowly before tackling the problem at hand. Isaiah 40:28-31I Corinthians 9:16-23Mark 1:20-39Archived0
02/01/2009Pastor Tom's Sermon: "His First Day On The Job" The Gospel lessons presents Jesus beginning his ministry, which causes Pastor Tom to think of his first day (years ago) and his first days at OSHPC. Then there is our new President's first days.Deuteronomy 18: 15-20Mark 1: 21 -28 Archived0
01/18/2009"Call and Response": Both of the lessons focus on "receiving the call" The first is the call that came to Samuel. The second the call of the first disciples of Jesus. On the eve of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we will consider Martin's call as well as the call that comes to each of us. I Samuel 3:1-10John 1:35-42 Archived0
01/11/2009The traditional theme for the second Sunday of January is the "Baptism of the Lord." What is the significance of baptism for the Christian, and, more particularly, a baptism of the Spirit? Pastor Tom's sermon title is "The Sign That You Belong."Mark 1:4-11Acts 19: 1-7 Archived0
01/04/2009Sermon: "When The Time Had Fully Come" In our Christmas Eve Service we used a litany, while we were standing with our lit candles, in which the phrase "when the time had fully come" was repeated several times. What is the meaning and significance of that affirmation for us as we continue to celebrate the days of Christmas?Jeremiah 31:7-14John 1: 1-18 Archived0
11/16/2008"Faithful Ventures"Psalm 96Matthew 25: 14-30 Archived20
10/12/2008Sermon: "The Wedding Invitation: Formal. Black Tie Optional" The Matthew passage is that of the marriage feast to which the invited guest didn't show up. The host then invited in strangers HOWEVER one who came was not dressed for a wedding feast and was thrown out! Why would Jesus tell such a parable?Matthew 22: 1-14Philippians 4:1-9 Archived22
10/05/2008World Communion Sunday (originally called World Wide Communion Sunday) originated in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1936, and held on the first Sunday in October in Presbyterian churches in the US and overseas. From the beginning it was planned so that other denominations could make use of it and after a few years, the idea spread beyond us Presbyterians. This day has taken on new relevancy and depth of meaning in a world where globalization often has undermined peace and justice - and in a time when fear divides the peoples of God's earth. On this day we celebrate our oneness in Christ, the Prince of Peace, in the midst of the world we are called to serve - a world ever more in need of peacemaking. The theme of this year's observance is "Break the Bread of New Creation" which Pastor Tom used as his sermon titleExodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20Matthew 21: 33-46 Archived20
09/28/2008 Pastor Toms's Sermon: "Promises and Performance...and the Risks Involved." It is the season of promises...and we are not talking just about political candidates!Exodus 17:1-7Matthew 21: 23-32 Archived22
09/21/2008International Day of Peace. In 1981 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution declaring an International Day of Peace. In 2001 it declared Sept.21 of each year the day of observance. In 2004 the World Council of Churches encouraged this day to be observed as International Day of Prayer for Peace. We will join in this observance with churches in the US and around the world. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "The Decade to Overcome Violence."Isaiah 65: 17-25Romans 12:9-21 Archived 
08/10/2008 "Is Heresy Possible?"Matthew 5:17-48Titus 1:1-9; 2:1-10; 3: 8-11. Archived20
08/03/2008Pastor Tom took a couple of hours the previous week to clean out his files. It meant throwing out items no longer up to date or relevant. Among items thrown out were old letters...but some old letters have been kept. Why? His sermon for this week was titled simply "Letters."Ezra 4: 1-16II Corinthians 7: 2-16 Archived22
06/22/2008Pastor Tom's sermon was titled: "All God's Children."Gen. 21:8-21Matt 10: 24-39 Archived20
06/15/2008Sermon: "Yes, Sarah, You Laughed." While in St. Paul last week for his 50th College Reunion, Pastor Tom took time to walk through the neighborhood where he lived as a child and walk by the Church he attended. In light of the story of Sarah in Gen. he remembered that "we never laughed in church...that just wasn't done," and yet those Bible stories and the Gospel itself should cause us to laugh at the 'seemingly ridiculous'.Gen. 18:1-5; 21:1-7Matt. 9:35 -10:10 Archived20
06/08/2008The service was not recorded   Archived0
06/01/2008 MORE LIGHT SUNDAY Sermon title: "It's About Time" For 30 years (!) the PCUSA has been debating the 'issue' of full inclusion of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered persons into full participation in our Church..."how long, O Lord, how long?"Romans 1:16-17; 3:22b - 28Matthew 7:21-29. Archived20
05/25/2008Not available   Archived0
05/18/2008Both of our scripture lessons were the closing words to the respective books. In the Matthew are the final words that Jesus directed to his disciples; in the second are Paul's closing words in his second letter to the Church in Corinthians. Pastor Tom has titled his sermon "Put Things In Order."Matt. 28:16-20II Cor. 13:11-13. Archived24
05/11/2008This Sunday celebrated Pentecost -- the birth of the Christian Church through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit formed the group of followers of Jesus into a community. It inspired them to care for each other with a selflessness that is hard to imagine. The sermon title was "When The Holy Spirit Speaks My Language"Genesis 11: 1-9Act 2: 1-13 Archived20
05/04/2008Once again the lectionary reading was from the Gospel of John -- the farewell discourses (John, chapters 14 through 17) -- in which Jesus, with the crucifixion imminent, seeks to prepare his disciples. Two weeks ago the message was that there would be a place for them and he would be forever with them. Last week it was the promise that the Holy Spirit (His continuing presence) would be for them a counselor-advocate-comforter (three meanings of the Greek word 'parakletos'.
This week the gospel readingwasfrom John. in which the word 'glory' or 'glorify' is so prevelant (six times in seven verses). Pastor Tom again introduced a Greek word, 'doxa' (which we translate as 'glory') and its significance for the followers of Jesus Christ. His sermon was titled simply: "The Glory of God" .
John 17: 1-11I Peter 4:12-14, 5:6-11 Archived23
04/27/2008 In two weeks we observe Pentecost. Pentecost speaks of the coming of the "Holy Spirit" to the early Christian community. What are the 'characteristics' or the 'roles' of the Holy Spirit? Pastor Tom described three meanings of the Greek word "Parakletos" which is translated as Spirit.Acts 17:22-31John 14: 15-21 Archived20
04/20/2008Sermon: "The Importance of a Place." I Peter 2:4-10John 14:1-14 Archived22
12/30/2007Five days after Christmas, Pastor Tom offered "Post-Christmas Reflections"Isaiah 61: 10 - 62 3Luke 2: 22-40 Archived20
12/23/2007Pastor Tom completed his series on the titles given to the 'awaited one" from Isaiah 9: 6; the sermon title is "Prince of Peace.Isaiah 7: 10-16Matthew 1:18-25 Archived20
12/18/2007Pastor Tom continued his series based on Isaiah 9:6... "And he is named..Everlasting Father."Isaiah 35:1-10James 5:7-11 Archived18
12/09/2007 Pastor Tom continued his series on the titles given to the awaited Messiah by the prophet Isaiah (Isa. 9:6) : ...and he is named ... "Mighty God."Isaiah 11: 1-10Romans 15: 4-13 Archived20
12/02/2007Pastor Tom began a series of Advent sermons on the titles that the prophet Isaiah gives to the 'awaited one' in chapter 9 verse six: " For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his name will be called 'Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.' " This Sunday: "Wonderful Counselor"   Archived24
11/25/2007This Sunday was a celebration of Christ the King/Reign of Christ. Instituted in 1925, the festival of Christ the King is the newest festival date on the liturgical calendar. Not until the issuing of The Presbyterian Hymnal in 1991 did our denomination officially acknowledge this festival in a denomination wide worship resource. It is the last Sunday of the church year, signifying that the final reality to which the gospel gives witness is that Jesus Christ shall reign forever.   Archived22
11/18/2007On this Sunday before the Thanksgiving holiday, Pastor Tom's sermon title was "Thanksgiving Begins With Hunger."Deut. 26:1-11John 6: 25-35 Archived19
11/11/2007This Sunday was Commitment Sunday. Pastor Tom's sermon is titled: "So Many Gifts! What If....?"Psalm 96Matthew 25: 14-30. Archived28
11/04/2007This Sunday was Stewardship Sunday and Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Stewardship and The Need for The Marathon Mindset." Needless to say, the running of the New York City Marathon on Sunday influenced what he had to say.24th chapter of JoshuaHebrews 11: 1-3; 32-12:2 Archived21
10/28/2007This Sunday was Reformation Sunday and Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "The Enduring Relevance of Martin Luther." The scripture readings from Habakkuk and Romans are the substance for Luther's protest against the church of his day.Habakkuk 2:1-4Romans 3: 21-28 Archived26
10/07/2007This was World Communion Sunday and receiving of Peacemaking Offering. Sermon title was "A Puzzle Needs All Its Pieces" Scripture lessons: John 10:11-16 and I Corinthians 12:12-27John 10:11-16I Corinthians 12:12-27 Archived20
09/30/2007Once again we joined with other congregations in our denomination to observe Peacemaking Sunday. The theme this year was "And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations" (Revelation 22:3). Pastor Tom is used the theme as the title for his sermon.Revelation 22:1-5Ezekiel 47:6b-12 Archived21
09/23/2007Technical problems prevented recording of the sermon   Archived0
09/16/2007Technical problems prevented recording of the sermon   Archived0
09/09/2007 Last week, TIME Magazine featured Mother Teresa on the cover and contained an article titled "Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith". Pastor Tom speaks to it in this week's sermon which he called "A Saint's Dark Night and Ours" The New Testament Lesson from Matthew contains the cry of Jesus from the Cross: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Psalm 88Matthew 27:38-50 Archived23
09/02/2007This week's worship celebrated our Labor, a day to honor all forms of work, and say "thank you." All of us need to hear words of appreciation for the big jobs and the little jobs we do.
Pastor Tom's message was based on an email and a 'thank you' note he received this past well. His sermon was titled "Flowers for My Buddy"
Psalm 8Luke 12:13-34 Archived21
08/26/2007Two weeks ago Pastor Tom in his sermon "In the Right Place at The Right Time" indicated it is always the right place and the right time to act, individually and as OSHPC. Last week he emphasized acting is a matter of making a choice(s) and we are continually called upon to do that individually and as OSHPC ("The Continual Choice"). This week he takes this matter one step further. It is the matter of finding wisdom to make those choices. Niebuhr's prayer -- "God give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the WISDOM to distinguish the one from the other" -- continues to be the impetus for Pastor Tom's reflections.Job 28:1-28I Corinthians 1:18 -31 Archived23
08/19/2007The sermon was not recorded   Archived0
08/12/2007Pastor Tom's sermon is titled "In the Right Place At The Right Time."II Kings 4:42-44John 6:1-14 Archived23
08/05/2007Even as we waited for the final Harry Potter episode so we have waited for the FINAL sermon in Pastor Tom's series on 'spiritual health'! The theme was Attitude and the sermon title was "Trust the Doctor and Trust Yourself" (the 'trust yourself' part is not that far from the final word in Harry Potter!)Colossians 3:12-17John 14: 1-31 Archived21
07/29/2007Rev. Philipp continues the theme "Your Spiritual HMO: What is needed for 'spiritual health'?" 4.Surgery. Sermon title "Surgical Repair or Transplant?" Psalm 51:1-12Mark 9:38-49 Archived18
07/22/2007Pastor Tom continues the theme: "Your Spiritual HMO: What is needed for "spiritual health"? This Sunday -- "3. Medication. Not Cured but Under Control"Psalm 6II Corinthians 11:28 - 12:10 Archived23
07/15/2007Pastor Tom Philipp continues on the Theme: "Your Spiritual HMO: What is needed for 'spiritual health?'" This Sunday -- "2. Exercise."Isaiah 40:28-31James 1:22-25; 2:14-26 Archived24
07/08/2007Pastor Tom begins a series of five sermons on "spiritual health." This Sunday, the title was "Your Spiritual HMO: Eating Disorders."Isaiah 55:1-2John 6:1-15, 25-35 Archived22
07/01/2007On this Sunday before Independence Day, Elder Linda Scott delivered the sermon on a theme of "Peace in Chaos."Psalms 119:169-176Corinthians 4:13-18Ephesians 3:14-19Archived9
06/24/2007Elder Alan Stevens was the preacher . The title of his sermon is "Flannel Sheets."Lamentations 1:1-2, 16-17, 3:22-24Philippians 2: 1-11 Archived12
06/17/2007On this Father's Day, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Fatherly."Gal. 2:15-21Luke 7:36-8:3 Archived24
06/10/2007The sermon title was "Frosting, Wax and Putty." Pastor Tom challenges us to see what these three items have in common, and what this has to do with our spiritual life.II Timothy 2:14-22Matthew 5:13-16 Archived22
06/03/2007This Sunday, June 3, we observed "More Light Sunday 2007." The "More Light" movement calls upon the churches of our denomination to recognize, affirm and celebrate the presence, gifts and ministries of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The national theme this year was "Liberating Love." Pastor Tom chose that theme as the title for his sermon.Romans 5:1-5John 16:12-15 Archived23
05/27/2007This Sunday we observed Pentecost Sunday and combine it with Pluralism Sunday. We celebrated the 'birth' of our Christian faith (or the Coming of the Holy Spirit to the group of believers that Jesus left behind upon his leaving this earth) within the context of our multifaith environment, which is now Long Island.   Archived24
05/20/2007This Sunday we focused on our Presbyterian Heritage. The theme was "People will come from East and West," focusing on the Settlement Movement and the development of Presbyterian Neighborhood Houses between 1890 and 1965. These houses reached out to a varied mix of cultures and was a vital ministry of the Church. Pastor Tom presented this story and spoke to immigration concerns in our day.
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Leviticus 19:33-34Ephesians 2:11-22. Archived19
05/13/2007This Sunday was both Mothers' Day and the beginning of Christian Family Week. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Experiencing Family."Acts 1:6-14John 17:1-11 Archived22
05/06/2007This Sunday's theme was Celebrating the Enduring Witness of Christianity in the Middle East through Worship. Pastor Tom's sermon title was "For the Peace of Jerusalem."Pslam 122Isaiah 58Luke 13: 22-35Archived15
04/29/2007Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "A Voice Among Many Voices." The Gospel lesson was from John in which Jesus says "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." The second lesson was the part of John's vision of a future in which "the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water." Pastor Tom focused on the significance of the Shepherd / sheep relationship as a metaphor for Christ's relationship with his followers.John 10:22-30Rev. 7:9-17 Archived21
04/22/2007Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Back to the Familiar." The 21st chapter of John, which is the concluding chapter of that Book, contains a series of stories taking place after the resurrection of our Lord in which he makes his presence known to various people in various kinds of situations. The sermon was a continuation of the theme of last week when the resurrected Lord appeared to Thomas (John 20)Acts 9:1-6John 21:1-19 Archived29
04/15/2007Pastor Tom sticks up for his namesake, doubting Thomas, in his sermon titled: "The Disciple Who Gets The Bad Rap".Acts 5:27-32John 20:19-31 Archived20
04/08/2007Our Morning Worship Service with the music of Easter, the telling again of the Easter Message, amidst the Sanctuary decorated with plants brought by members. Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Easter Convictions.   Archived20
04/01/2007The Palm Sunday sermon was titled "The Stones Would Cry Out!" in which Pastor Tom contrasts Jesus' entry into Jerusalem from the East with the entry of the Roman Legions entering the city from the West in preparation for the Passover, and its modern parallels.Isaiah 50:4-9Luke 19:29-44 Archived20
03/25/2007The sermon was not recorded.   Archived0
03/18/2007Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Liberation and Reconciliation." The Gospel lesson was the familiar parable of the Prodigal Son. The second scripture reading was a passage about reconciliation from II Corinthians. Pastor Tom indicated that he has probably preached on this parable, or alluded to it, more than any other passage of Scripture. But is there not ever new insights to be found here? He stressed the importance of "liberation" and the tendency too often to move too quickly to reconciliation, particularly as Christians. There is importance to leaving 'home', doing one's personal quest, then, maybe becoming reconciled.Luke 15: 11-32II Corinthians 5:16-21 Archived20
03/11/2007Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "In the Fruit Producing Business." Flip over to the Galatians reading for a naming of the fruit we should be producing.I Corinthians 10:1-13Luke 13: 1-9Galatians 5: 22,23Archived25
03/04/2007Pastor Tom's sermon title was titled "Consistent Commitment" The air is filled with 'promises' today offered by the several who hope to become President of the US, but offered by so many others in all areas of life---maybe even in church work! What does it mean, and what would it mean if we were consistent in our commitments?Philippians 3: 17-4:1Luke 13: 31-35 Archived18
02/24/2007The traditional lectionary Scripture reading for the first Sunday of Lent is that of Jesus being driven into the Wilderness where he wrestles with the Devil as to how to proceed on this Mission to which Jesus now feels called. Sermon title was "The Temptation Try a Short-cut"Romans 10:8-13Luke 4:1-13 Archived22
02/18/2007Pastor Tom's sermon title was "A Mountain-Top Experience."Exodus 34:29-35Luke 9:28-36. Archived24
02/11/2007Elder Linda Majowka spoke on the topic of "Love." Pastor Tom Philipp was on vacationPsalm 8Luke 10:25-37I Corinthians 13Archived10
02/04/2007This Sunday's sermon title was "Called To Be, To Do, To Go."Isaiah 6:1-8Luke 5:1-11 Archived26
01/28/2007This Sunday Pastor Tom's sermon title was "Tongue-tied When There Is A Word To Be Spoken" -- a sermon dedicated to all those who would say, "Don't ask me to speak in public!" You belong to a whole of host of Old Teatament folk: Moses, Jonah and Jeremiah to name just three.Jeremiah 1:1-10I Corinthians 13:1-13 Archived24
01/21/2007Hillary Clinton announced her candicacy for U.S. President on Saturday. Barack Hussein Obama has set up an exploratory committee, which seems to assure his "hat is in the ring." Already in that ring are John Edwards, Christopher Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and Tom Vilsack. John Kerry and Bill Richardson and Al Sharpton may also enter. It is always interesting to read/hear their statements in making this decision.

This Sunday, Pastor Tom's sermon concerned when Jesus threw his hat into the ring for the campaign that would last for the rest of his life, three years. What were the issues for him and what was his stance on them. His platform is to be found in this week's New Testament Lesson and the Lectionary's Old Testament lesson has a similar platform. The sermon title was "When Jesus Entered the Campaign"
Luke 4:14-21Nehemiah 8:1-3; 5-6; 8-10 Archived27
01/14/2007The story of the wedding at Cana and Jesus turning water to wine was the lectionary Gospel lesson for this Sunday. What is the worse thing that can happen at a wedding reception? We might say it would be to run out of food, or even worse, to run out of wine. What's the significance of this story in the life and teachings of Jesus? How often Jesus describes the Kingdom of God as a wedding banquet or a glorious party. Our communion service is but a foretaste of the banquet yet to be. The sermon title was "Enough Food and Drink for the Party."John 2:1-11Isaiah 62:1-5 Archived22
01/07/2007As Pastor Tom thought about this week's lessons, which include the story of Jesus being baptized, he pictured Jesus going into the River to be baptized and then coming "Up, Out of the Water." The significance of that image became the focal point of his remarks. Maybe when we think about baptism we should meditate more about the sea's "deep waters" then our Presbyterian gentle wet touch on the forehead!Isaiah 43:1-7Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 Archived22
12/31/2006We gathered to worship this Sunday at the very end of the year 2006 and "On the Eve of a New Year". Will 2007 be any different that 2006? Will it be just more of the same, despite the resolutions we make and the hopes and dreams we voice? Is there a final word to be said as we leave the old year and move into the new? Pastor Tom suggests that the word(s) might be ....Isaiah 61:10-62:3Luke 2:21-40 Archived25
12/24/2006At the Christmas Eve service, member Jason Neal, recently returned from a tour of duty with the Army in Afganistan, delivered a short address as he lit the Christ Candle.   Archived12
12/24/2006On this Fourth Sunday of Advent, Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "The First Christmas Carol." Unlike many modern carols, Mary's Song of Praise, the Magnificant, was a song of protest and liberation --
"He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly;
"he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty."
Zephaniah 3:14-20Luke 2:8-14, 1:46-55 Archived22
12/17/2006Pastor Tom's sermon was titled "Insignificant Places and Insignificant People" It was there and to them that the message of Joy first came and was made incarnate in the birth at Bethlehem. Maybe we would consider ourselves being in an insignificant place and being insignificant people BUT.....Micah 5:2-5Luke 1: 39-55 Archived19
12/10/2006This Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, Catherine Kellogg lit the second candle on the Advent Wreath: The Candle of Peace. Pastor Tom picked up on the same theme with his Sermon titled "Dream of Peace".Malachi 3:1-4Luke 3:1-4 Archived21
12/10/2006Catherine Kellogg's statement on peace as she lit the second candle in the Advent wreath -- the Candle of Peace.   Archived4
12/03/2006Sermon was not recorded   Archived0
11/26/2006This Sunday was the last Sunday of the Church Year. The church calendar notes it as Christ the King or Reign of Christ. It is the Sunday on which we focus on so called "last things." Fundamentalists for years have loved to proclaim that "the end is near." Some have been so bold as to even specify particular dates for the Rapture to take place. Those particular days have come and gone and we are still here! What can we really say about the future? Pastor Tom takes his own stab at this in this week's sermon "And the Winner Is...."Psalm 112:1-12John 18:33-38Revelation 1:4b-8Archived22
11/19/2006Technical problems prevented recording the sermon.   Archived0
11/12/2006This Sunday was Dedication Sunday, a time to renew one's commitment to Old South Haven Presbyterian Church: financial, time, and talents.  Pastor Tom comments:" A friend once said to me: I look for a church that both nurtures and also offers an opportunity to serve." In a small church often there are so many jobs to be done and so few to do them that one can get burned out. Therefore he raises the question this Sunday. "Is the Church Devouring or Nourishing You?" He offers an interpretation of the "Widow's Mite" passage from Mark not often heard.Psalm 127Mark 12:38-44 Archived18
11/05/2006This Sunday was Stewardship Sunday. The theme was "Faithfulness Sustains the Generations." Pastor Tom's sermon had the same title.Ruth 1:1-18 Matthew 22:36-40 Archived26
10/29/2006On this Reformation Sunday, Pastor Tom Philipp's Sermon title was "Blind Spots and Reformation Sight." The Mark passage from the day's lectionary readings is the story of the blind man Bartimaeus to whom Jesus asks the question "What do you want me to do for you?" Shouldn't that be obvious? Maybe 'yes' and maybe 'no'. Sight could be frightening to the blind.Job 42:1-6Hebrews 7:23-28Mark 10:46-52Archived21
10/22/2006Sermon was not recorded   Archived0
10/21/2006The Rev. Dr. Jack Rogers delivered the keynote address at the Honoring All Voices conference: "Peace, Unity and Purity? Where is Justice?" at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, Huntington Station, NY. "Honoring all Voices" is a partnership of Long Island Presbyterian Churches, including Old South Haven Presbyterian Church. Dr. Rogers is Professor of Theology Emeritus at San Francisco Theological Seminary and was Moderator of the 213th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA). He is the author of many books, including Claiming the Center: Churches and Conflicting Worldviews and his most recent Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church. Professor Rogers explores placing our current need for discernment of scripture and polity in a cultural and historical context.Micah 6:8  Archived54
10/15/2006Cleaning house and throwing out some outdated materials Pastor Tom came across an old poster for the annual Oxfam World Hunger Day. It showed just a hand, palm pointed upward, and fingers extended, awaiting a gift. It provides an image for his sermon for this week titled "Without - Ready to Receive."Job 23:1-17Hebrews 4:12-16Mark 10: 17-31Archived20
10/08/2006Pastor Tom Philipp, on the eve of Columbus Day, used Columbus as a jumping off place to ask the questions: "What Am I Looking For? What Am I Finding? and Then What?"Psalm 27Luke 11:9-13 Archived23
10/01/2006Sermon was not recorded.   Archived0
09/24/2006Pastor Tom Philipp completes is three part series of sermons on "The Man Christ Jesus," which supplements an adult study class. This third part is "He is Interpreted." In the first Scripture Lesson, Jesus asks his disciples "Who do they say that I am? followed by "Who do you say that I am?" This last question is asked of anyone who finds significance in the life of Jesus, and, more particularly, those who would be his disciple. In the Book of Hebrews Jesus is seen in an exalted role.Matthew 16:13-23Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:1-18 Archived18
09/17/2006Pastor Tom Philipp continues the series of sermons on "The Man Christ Jesus," which supplements an adult study class. The second is "He is Experienced." The scripture lessons recall Saul/Paul's experience of Jesus and his conversion.Acts 9:1-9I Corinthians 15: 1-11 Archived25
09/10/2006Pastor Tom Philipp begins a three week series of sermons on "The Man Christ Jesus," which supplements an adult study class. The first is "He is Remembered." This Sunday the scripture lessons are the opening words of the writer Luke to each of his two books: Luke and The Acts of the Apostles. They provide the reason for Luke's works.Luke 1:1-4Acts 1:1-14 Archived29
09/03/2006Pastor Tom Philipp's sermon was titled "Work As Our Living Worship"Gen. 3:13-19 II Timothy 1:1-14; 2:14-15b Archived22
08/27/2006Pastor Tom Philipp concluded the series on the theme "What Does the Lord Require of Us?"
This week: "To Walk Humbly"
Isaiah 53: 1-12Ephesians 4:1-16 Archived23
08/20/2006Pastor Tom Philipp continued the series on the theme "What Does the Lord Require of Us?"
This week: "To Love Kindness"
Hosea 6-4-6; 11:1-9; 14:4-7I John 4:13-21 Archived22
08/13/2006The prayers of intercession and pastoral prayer included a prayer from the Middle East   Archived5
08/13/2006Pastor Tom Philipp begins a three week series on the theme "What Does the Lord Require of Us?"
This week: "To Act Justly"
Micah 6:1-16Luke 4:16-21 Archived24
08/06/2006Pastor Tom Philipp concluded his series of sermons on Telling Stories with "We've a Story To Tell: Listening Before Speaking."John 21:15-25Romans 12:1-21 Archived12
08/06/2006The prayers of intercession and pastoral prayer included a prayer sent by Jason Neal from Afghanistan   Archived6